Barcods in ASP.NET websites


In one of my projects, I need draw barcode into an web page, and I am using c# 2.0. Unfortunately, I cannot find any open source or qualified free barcode 3rd party component online. So I have no choice but buy a commercial .NET barcode component from

Install the DLL

Actually you do not need install's .net barcode dll into your project, you just create a virtual directory in your IIS directory, and copy the buildin barcode website to the folder.
Now you are ready to draw barcodes in your web pages.

Generating Code 128 in ASP.NET Web Page

Now it is an easy job to do it. In your web page, you insert an Image tag like
<img src="http://your-copied-buildin-barcode-foler/barcode/linear.aspx?Type=CODE128&Data=12345678" border=0 />
Now you can see the generated code 128 in your ASP.NET page. Done!

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