.NET QR-Code Generator for .NET, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET

QR-Code is a very popular 2d matrix barcode in Japan. Almost every mobile phone in Japan has installed QR-Code reader.

.NET QR-Code is a .net barcode generator for barcode qr-code, generating standard, high quality qrcode in .net applications, including .net windows applications, .net console applications, asp.net website pages, asp.net web service, it also supporing visual C#, vb.net programming languages.

To generate qr-code in .net classes, you just add the barcode.dll into your .net project reference, create a barcode object, set type to QRCode, and call draw method to paint barcode images either on the image file or in the memory.

To generate QR Code in ASP.NET, you need add ASP.NET Barcode Generator dll control into your asp.net web project reference.

To generate qr-code in C# project, .NET QR-Code is written in C# 2005, so that you have no problem to integrate the component into your c# project.

To generate qr-code in asp.net website, you can either stream to barcode to client's web browser or generate the barcode image on the asp.net service side, and delivery the image to client's web browser.

To generate qr-code in vb.net applications, you can do what the c# developers do.

Through .net qr-code component, .net developers can use c#, vb.net programming to embed qrcode generation features in their vb.net, c#, asp.net websites, web service projects, console applications, windows application, and .net reporting solutions.

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