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Barcode Generation in VB.NET

A vb.net barcode developer wants to draw barcodes in his .net application by himself, he need master two skills. One understands the barcode specifications he need to generate, and the second he must be quite familiar with .net 2d graphics programming.

Most of the vb.net developers do not have the both two skills in hand, so if they need barcode generation features in their projects, usually they have to resort 3rd party vb.net barcode generators.

Barcode Reader in VB.NET is a vb.net dll control for visual basic .net applications to read and scan linear and matrix barcodes from barcode images.

BarcodeLib.com provides one of the best and robust vb.net barcode generator for .net developers. It is easy to use, simple to install, and fully implement the most common 1d and 2d barcode standards, like codabar, code 39, code 128, ean 8, ean 13, ean 128, data matrix, Aztec, pdf 417, qr code.

Using vb.net barcode generator, vb developers can generate more than 50 linear and matrix barcodes in asp.net website, windows application, console applications, and vb.net classes.

Sometimes, developers may need some control on generated barcode image size, orientations, printed barcode value font styles, vb.net barcode generator provides all the customization settings for developers. So vb.net developers can easily control the image size, bar code module width and height, image margins, bar code value font styles.

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